10K Followers in 10 Days (MY NEW STRATEGY!)

5 Ways in Which Social Media Influences SEO

The social media revolution has affected every area of life, including how content is found on the internet via search engines. By properly utilising the various tactics and social media best practices, webmasters enhance the visibility of their websites.

Social Media Marketing Plan: Steps to Creating a Strategy

Most small-business owners know that social media is a crucial element of a comprehensive marketing strategy, but they don’t know where to begin. With hundreds if not thousands of social networks gaining widespread adoption, it’s difficult to imagine a manageable strategy that covers all the bases. That’s why it’s important to draw up a strategic SMM plan to stay on-task and on-track.

Facebook Fans – Why Quality Is More Important Than Quantity

Are you investing time and energy in growing your fan base on Facebook? Why? It’s probably because you are hoping to increase the traffic to your website or the sales of your product or service.

How to Turn Your Followers Into Content Marketers for Your Brand

Businesses today look for the best ways to reach potential customers online. The interruptive forms of advertising, such as “pop-up” ads, are no longer seen as effective. Consumers are more apt to close an ad after giving it the briefest of glances. For this reason, brands are turning to content marketing as the best way to draw in customers.

The Social Aspect of Your Business and Your Clients

If you own a business, obviously, your clients are at the top of your priority list. How you deal with the social aspects of your business and how you connect that to your clients is the really tricky part and you need to find a way to effectively connect them.

Facebook Marketing and Sales Strategies for Wineries

Facebook marketing is an often overlooked and misunderstood channel for many businesses. The wine industry, in particular has been late to adopt the platform. And the fact is that most wineries make common mistakes that keep them from succeeding with Facebook as a conduit for marking and sales.

Want Real Customer Engagement on Social Media? Stop What You Are Doing and Start Something New

Real consumer engagement is the cornerstone of success in any social media campaign for your business. And success is what you are after, right? Because evidence suggests that most businesses are simply wasting their time and energy churning out useless content online, and getting hardly any engagement at all.

The Pesky Facebook Fans – How to Convert Fans to Paying Customers

It’s a huge problem for most businesses that have Facebook Fan Pages… How do you get those fans to actually buy something from you? Some businesses do everything to avoid selling on their Fan Page, and then complain that it’s a huge waste of time.

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