3 Moves That Made Me A Millionaire (Minimum Wage to 7 Figures)

Important Categorization Of Twitter Followers For Your Small Business

Twitter can be useful for your business if you know how to utilize it properly. But it’s important to understand the different kind of followers on Twitter so you can understand the followers that will help promote your business the best.

How Not To Use Facebook For Business And How You SHOULD Use It Instead

“You’re a business owner. You HAVE to use Facebook.” Something I’ve heard many times over. But just how necessary is it to be on Facebook as an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner? With my Sherlock Holmes pipe at the ready, let’s investigate…

7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2016

Social Media Trends for Local Businesses in 2016 – 2015 saw some noteworthy movements in how local organizations used online networking for showcasing, a number of which will go ahead in 2016. Underneath, I lay out seven of the top patterns occurring in online networking and what local organizations can do to get their showcasing message out utilizing them.

Boosting Your Social Media Strength – 5 Ways to Maintain Your Social Media Swag

Five methods to boost your social media strength, which can help you maintain your social media swag, regardless of the platform you decide to utilize. Encouragement to promote with concern and consistency for your brand, as well as your audience.

Social Media: Do We Put In Less Effort When We Are Friends With Someone On Social Media?

When someone uses social media, they can stay up to date with the people they know. This can relate to the people they have known for quite some time and the ones they have only known for a short while.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business Owners

I believe that social marketing allows you to take your business to the next level. If you are not currently using social media marketing then you are missing out on a big opportunity to tell your potential customers about your brand. If you use social media correctly you could open your brand or your business up to new opportunities.

Dealing With a Social Media Crisis

If you use social media for your business, you most likely got used to the speed that it affords you and your business. Additionally, it must be obvious to you by now that any communications that you have with your chosen social media channels reach a large number of people very quickly and very easily.

Facebook Instant Articles

Most people who work online realize the tremendous value of using social media for marketing purposes, particularly Facebook which now has Facebook Instant Articles providing you with the latest method of reaching your target audience online. This article is going to provide you with some basic information about the value of utilizing this important internet marketing tool.

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