6 NEW Instagram Algorithm Hacks To Grow ORGANICALLY (2022 Algorithm)

How to Tell If You’re Using Social Media the Wrong Way

Social networking is an important part of growing your business. But there is a right way and a wrong way to use social media as a part of your marketing strategy. If you are only using social media because it’s what is expected of businesses today, then you are probably missing out on the many advantages that come from being an active participant on those sites.

Use of Social Media in Organizational Transformation

The practice of integrated goods and services exchange between businesses is business-to-business trade, useful for gaining best possible results for both parties. There is a vast difference between business-to-business and business-to-customer markets because customers and consumers are not bound by loyalty to any product or business and are free to make independent decisions. For effective and innovative organizational transformation to take place, it is very essential that collaboration of the workforce is involved.

Is Banjo the Best New Social Media App?

Social media is playing a big hand in the development of exciting new businesses. Banjo is no exception, taking social networking to a whole new level!

Facebook Advertising – Targeting Like A Sniper

Facebook advertising is in full effect right now. Log in to your account and you will be startled at how accurate some of the ads are. If you don’t have a partner or if you look up certain things, Facebook advertising knows. This is great for advertisers as you can target by more specific criteria than ever before and split test until you have the perfect campaign.

Facebook Ads: The Great Divider?

The internet is often considered the great equalizer, but the truth is considerably more complicated. Facebook ads, the cheap and relatively inexpensive method of advertising that enables small businesses and laptop marketers to compete for customers with the biggest companies, is in one way a much bigger divider than money.

Google+ Pages vs Facebook Brand Pages

With more than 800 million users Facebook has a head start on Google+, which currently runs with 21 million profiles. Google+ enters the game offering businesses many similar features as Facebook…

Who Really Gets the Most Benefits From Google+?

Barely three years since Google+ was introduced, some critics are still wondering who really uses it and for what reason. In an article recently published by The New York Times, it highlighted how business establishments like Starbucks and periodicals like The Economist make good use of Google+ in enhancing its search engine rankings.

How to Effectively Convey Your Message by Blending Social Media and Your Email

Rather than focusing on either social networking or email, an approach that blends these two strategies can take you closer to achieving your marketing goals. Here is how you can integrate your social media and email marketing campaigns.

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