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Psychology and Social Media Marketing

A great social media marketing campaign should be designed to pull at a person’s heartstrings or invoke a passionate feeling (good or bad) that will prompt him or her to share your message. Several studies conducted on why some brands were doing better than others when it came to social media marketing concluded that the empathy angle works best.

Why Social Media Is So Important to Marketers

Social Media Marketing is a must for any business or brand seeking to compete in today’s virtual market place. It used to be either a business sold goods and services online or using a physical location. Now, it is imperative to have a virtual location if you have a physical location. If you’re online only, the need for social media marketing is even greater.

Choosing the Right Social Media Tools to Increase Your Business Presence

The power of social media is widely recognized today, and the reasons for this are simply too many to list. This surge in appeal has given rise to a number of tools and ways in which business owners can harness the benefits of using social media, but before that, they need to evaluate optimal strategies that will work for them. With the number of social sites rapidly growing, choosing social media tools(s) may seem tricky, but the tips introduced below will help you identify the best fit(s).

Five Ways to Nurture Your Medical Practice With Social Media

A quick write-up discussing how businesses can utilize social media campaigns. Reach new audiences, stay connected with customers and expand professional boundaries with these 5 helpful tips.

Creating a Facebook Contest

Running contests on Facebook pages has been proven to be incredibly effective to help build a brand’s image and social likes. Facebook allows users to create contests through a variety of different methods.

Outsourcing Social Media: How to Choose a New Voice for Your Business

Outsourcing social media for your business is a big decision. Here’s a guideline to help lead you in the right direction when choosing someone to do the job.

10 Pointers About Posting for Your Social Media Accounts

The following advice about posting will prove useful for novice and advanced users alike: 1) Don’t be afraid to “lurk” first. Lurking is an Internet term describing monitoring without participation. It will help you understand the nature of the conversations and participant interactions.

7 Powerful Secrets To Improve Social Media Marketing Plans

Social media marketing is getting increasingly popular these days and people are reaping the maximum benefits from social media marketing and making a place for their brand. Knowing the right strategies to boost the sales via social media optimization is the key towards success in the present world of competition.

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