Action Blocked on Instagram? Here’s How to FIX It.

A Weekly Task List To Lift Your Social Media Game

Helping small – Medium business owners get the most out of social media. Facebook – Monday: Post a short 150-200 word blog to your website and feed a link to it through your Facebook page. Include a picture with your content to draw more people to engage with the post.

Why Social Media Is Harder to Give Up Than Smoking

Smoking is a matter of the mind and the body follows. You can quit smoking gradually by developing will power for that. Why is social media even harder to quit? I answer it in this article. So look inside to find out.

Why Twitter Ads Boost Business & How to Create Them

If done properly Twitter can be a positive way to market your services and product. If not set up and monitored correctly, you could be throwing money down the drain. Twitter can be a very useful way to market but you must have a firm grasp of its possibilities and limitations. Twitter has changed their algorithm to entice users to take more advantage of their paid advertising. It is easier to increase local and organic use by correctly setting up and analyzing ad metrics.

How to Revamp Your Website Without Affecting SEO

If your website has outgrown itself and needs a change in its overall look/design, you surely are in for a revamp. Since Google constantly keeps on making changes in its algorithm, it includes new ranking factors based on user friendliness etc. Your website needs to bring about renovation with passage of time so that it can adapt itself to new website designing trends and bring more user friendly features to its audience. Here are some ways you could revamp your website without affecting SEO:

Honing Your Social Media Strategy With Conversational Data

Studying social interactions online will allow you to learn a great deal that can be applied to your business for successful results. Conversations are essential for any type of communication, which means that you cannot afford to take it for granted.

Social Media: Is A Tragedy Another Way For Someone To Gain Attention Online?

When something bad takes place in today’s world, it might not be long until millions of people know about it. This is because something can be shared on a social media site, and within a matter of minutes, it can be seen by people from all over the world.

How to Use Social Media As a Means of Advertising Your Business

Over the recent years, social media has become more widespread than it used to be in the earlier years. Every person having a smartphone or laptop or a tab is found to be active on the social media. Studies have shown that because of the vivid use of social media companies are taking it as an opportunity to advertise their business and reach out to the masses.

Getting Started on Twitter for Your Business

If you have not used Twitter for business and branding, your missing out on getting your message to definitive targeted followers. Over 93% of businesses use Twitter and over 50% of them use it daily. Twitter is the new platform for PR and with a little understanding and effort you too can promote your business.

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