Become a Millionaire from Social Media #Shorts

Stages of Fan Page Demise (and How to Fix It)

Over 50 million Fan Pages have been created on Facebook. And with that many now online, you’ve got to assume that some are doing better than others. Many small businesses jumped on the Fan Page bandwagon over the past few year.

Social Media Business – 5 Advantages You Can Get

These days, the growth of businesses cannot simply be achieved by word of mouth publicity. You need to have a solid marketing team and excellent promotional strategies that can provide your business with the maximum amount of exposure. The market is ever-changing and these days, most business owners have realized that social media is a powerful promotional tool that cannot be ignored any more.

What You Can Learn From Big Companies About Facebook Marketing

Major brands are doing an amazing job attracting followers and keeping them coming back for more on Facebook. Sure, they may have big budgets, but money doesn’t buy them fan engagement… that only comes from building and sustaining their Facebook communities through real, honest to goodness engagement.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Which Social Network to Choose?

With all the social networks in our disposition today, businesses and brands looking to join the social media world got lost. Should they be active on all the platforms? If not, which one to choose? Our advice is choose the one or ones that match your business type and objectives

Social Media Marketing: Branding Your Company

Many small business owners struggle with retaining customers after an initial use of product or service. What these business owners don’t realize is that there is a cost free quite effective way to do this. Social Media Marketing is becoming a large part of how companies interact with its customer base and also a way in which they gain new customers.

What Exactly Is a Hashtag?

What are #Hashtags? Ever wondered what or why people are placing those ‘#’ in front of their messages on social media and web page content? They are called hashtags and they began their life on Twitter.

6 Attributes You Want In A Social Media Manager

Have you been considering getting someone to help you manage your social media needs? Hiring the right person or agency to support you is an important first step in getting your brand and your message out there.

Engage Your Prospects or Die

The difference between a successful product is how engaged the users feel. Most marketing/product fail because they think simply giving them content won’t be enough, they have to be engaged for their interest to be peaked.

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