Behind the Scenes of Creating a 7 Figure Online Course (What to Include + TIPS!)

Social Media and the Travel Industry

Everyone travels as some point in their life. Some travel for work and some is for pleasure.

Internet Marketing: Social Media Strategy

We all know that in today’s world social media is a huge part of business. Not including yourself in the social media world simply is not an option for businesses if they want to compete with others. Many consumers and potential clients can be found on social networks making decisions based on what their friends and colleagues are posting and the websites and businesses they recommend. So where do you start with social media?

How Socia Media Influences How We Do Business Today

Social media has become an integral part of how we do business today. This has made us a truly global economy because we can build contacts and friends anywhere in the world. Facebook with all its members has become the best platform to market any business. LinkedIn is for professionals and everyone was a member can connect with anyone they know and then be connected through friends of friends. Instagram uses pictures and short videos that anyone you know can follow.

Using YouTube for Social Marketing

Using social media marketing is a very beneficial way to spread the word about your business or promotions that you are running through your business. If done correctly, you will see a major boost in your traffic. Read the following article to learn the best methods of using social media marketing for your business.

What Is Foursquare and How Can It Help My Business?

Foursquare is one of the latest social networking applications that helps attract the attention of potential customers in a very short time using a word of mouth method of advertising. It is a free location based application that makes it easier for people to make the most out of the place they are visiting. Find out how you can use Foursquare can be of great benefit to your business by reading this article.

The Ultimate Voyeur

The social side affects of the social network have been speculated over and debated about since the very beginning. Is it good or bad, does it really connect us or merely provide an illusion of meaningful connection? Many seem to believe it has turned us into narcissistic idiots with little on the brain, except food and Manny the Frenchie! In some cases this may not be far from the truth but ultimately what has Facebook really done except capitalize on our already existing qualities?

Why The Social Websites Are Being Termed As The Next Generation Sources Of Passive Income?

Social websites like, or are now considered as the most valuable resources for all internet businesses. Search engine giants Google, Yahoo and Bing are prioritizing the social results and data instead of anything else. Typical internet marketing doesn’t really exist anymore and a new type of internet marketing and promotion has evolved which is often termed as social media marketing. This has co-existed with other approaches since a while but today, the importance of social promotion has reached to the maximum level. That’s a reason why the expert internet marketers are counting on these websites as the most powerful resource for generating passive income! Here, you will discover why the social websites are being considered as the next generation passive income generators!

Understanding The Many Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social marketing doesn’t follow the same kind of rules that previous marketing strategies once did, nor does it feel as formal as they used to. That’s because the new social media is not all one-way, as the old advertising campaigns were. Social media today has opened up a conversation in which customers expect to be listened to and treated with respect.

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