FIX This To Grow Your Instagram Like Crazy (Growth Hack)

If You Feel Locked Out of Social Media, Blogging Is the Key

These days, there’s a lot of pressure on small businesses to be active in social media. Here’s a few tips on streamlining the management of your social networks through your blog.

6 Steps To Effective Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising provides a highly targeted way to reach your target audience. You can produce ads that show up only to specific segments of people based on the info contained within their Facebook profile.

How to Manage Your Brand Reputation Online

The exponential rise in the mainstream popularity of social media and networking websites has changed the scenario of how businesses interact with their customers forever. The gap has been bridged significantly and every brand puts a major emphasis on listening to what their clients and customers have to say.

Three Amazing Social Media Advertising Campaigns

Social media is now a more powerful advertising tool than ever, with marketing campaigns reaching out to their consumers on an increasingly intimate level of engagement. Social media campaigns in the right hands can become a source of entertainment, a springboard for inspiration and a starting point for reflective thought; here are three of the most successful such campaigns that show real understanding of consumers and what captures their interest.

Internet Memes As An Idea Virus

Memes are competing for a share of your mind everywhere around you. On the internet, they’re evolving even faster, propagating themselves through the digital media and infecting our brains.

Five Fabulous Reasons to Choose Facebook Ads for Your Small Businesses

Today’s online marketing dimensions have spread across a variety of digital platforms in such a way that no business can afford to stand on just a single platform, right? NO! For many small and mid sized local businesses, it is not possible to focus on multiple marketing platforms due to many constraints like budget, time and other resources such as manpower and hence they can not tap the potential of online marketing in full. But there is an online marketing platform that alone can help your small business get customers from around your locality and help your business grow within reasonable budget, time duration and resources – Facebook Ads!

Native Media and Small Business Social

There’s a relatively new buzz term making the rounds with large advertisers and big brands these days: “Native Advertising”. It is a new name for an old tactic being applied (primarily) to interactive mediums. Simply put, native ads are ads that are designed and deployed to look more like regular (or “native”) content and less like ads.

Top 5 Holiday Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business Now

The holidays are just around the corner and you have to make sure that you have the right social media marketing plan in place to make the most of this wonderful season. With a few key strategies your holiday marketing can be more effective than ever before.

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