How I Plan ALL My Content for Instagram (Post 6x Per Week WITHOUT Burning Out!)

What Not to Say on Twitter

What should you be sure NOT to tweet? Why is diplomacy important? Be sure to follow these networking tips when posting on Twitter.

5 Tips for Creating a Brilliant Facebook Page Cover Photo

The Facebook business page has opened up unchartered opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers at a more personal level. Setting up a highly effective Facebook page can result in more leads and improve brand visibility drastically. One of the main features in a business page is the cover photo.

Keeping a Professional Online Existence

It is very important to keep a professional persona online when in the business world. The beauty of the Internet is that you can control most of what is on there about you. As most people should know, once something is on the Internet, it is on there for good. With that being said, do not post anything that you do not want to be on the Internet forever. Also, when being considered for a job, a hiring manager is likely going to check the Internet for information about you and look at your social media accounts before hiring you.

Tips for Creating a Social Media Strategy

The key to being successful on social media is to have a good, solid plan, and to consistently follow, measure the results, and alter as needed. Managing your social media accounts can be time consuming and it’s time you could be spending working on your business. If you can use tools to make your social media strategy easier, take advantage!

How To Increase Engagement On Social Media

It is so easy to get caught up in measuring the wrong thing when it comes to social media. Each platform has its own way of telling you how successful you are at being social and you might think that that is the important thing. However, the platform does not care about your sales at all so when you use their measures to determine the success of your efforts, you may end up making a mistake and paying attention to the wrong thing.

How Social Media Helps People to Earn Money

Being social, a decade ago, meant going out with friends or colleagues to catch up with each other. In the present times being social means interacting with the same friends, colleagues and even with more people, online.

Don’t Create for Likes, Create for Insight

As a thought leader, you cannot fall prey to a social media strategy that develops content with the sole intent of generating likes and being “popular.” It’s not a good strategy that will build your business.

How to Use Twitter for Your Small Business Marketing

Are you using social media properly to promote your home business or small business? Here are some basic tips to use Twitter more effectively. Click here…

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