How to Build a 7-Figure Business (STEP-BY-STEP FROM SOLOPRENEUR TO 7 FIGURES 💸)

4 Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your Business Using Google+

Google+ is probably one of the most underused social media platforms for businesses. There are a number of features of Google+ which will benefit your business in a big way. Many people perceive Google+ to be just another social media platform whereas in reality it is not so. Google+ is a great marketing tool if used correctly by businesses. Below mentioned are 4 ways in which your business can use Google+.

This Is The Social Proof You Need to Drive Sales

The power of the Internet gives us the ability to connect with thousands of potential buyers and clients around the world. But in a world where “know, like, and trust” leads to sales, how does one begin to build that rapport with strangers? The answer is testimonials. It’s only natural for prospects to question when we toot our own horn. But testimonials have the power to dissolve doubt and create credibility.

Using Facebook Ads To Generate More Leads, More Customers, More Profits

Facebook is a great place to advertise your business. And it provides a range of advertising options for business owners and entrepreneurs. Learn a strategy that works to get more people onto your mailing list and buying your items now.

Making the Most of Your Social Content

There is no doubt that the content that you post on your various social media platforms must be customized to a great extent. You will never be in a situation where your target audience fits into the “one size fits all” category.

New YouTube Features for Content Creators

If you have been incorporating YouTube into your social media marketing strategy, then you know how great it can be for your brand. It creates a strong following and can turn fans into brand advocates. Now, YouTube is planning to release new features that content creators can use to improve on the videos they add to their channels.

Privacy Settings

Now that your LinkedIn profile is complete, we can configure your privacy settings. LinkedIn lets you control how your data is displayed and who is allowed to see your activity on LinkedIn. Internet privacy is a very controversial topic these days because people are becoming concerned about how much personal and private information is being collected by websites and how they are using it.

Social Media and Google Analysis

Social Media is an important part of today’s successful online presence. As more companies realize this, they are adding more social media buttons to their blogs and websites. In today’s tech savvy world, those who are successfully managing their social media presence are using programs which allow them to post once and send it to multiple social media sites – saving time and money in the process. As beneficial as this savings is, the question remains – how to determine what, if any, return on investment your social media postings and campaigns are yielding. This article details how to configure a social media widget in Google Analytics. A social media widget will provide you with insight into your social media campaigns and identify which social media sites are driving traffic back to your website. This simple tool will funnel data into Google Analytics so you can determine if your social media campaigns are cost effective

3 Tips for Effortlessly Promoting Your Business On Facebook

Discover the 3 things that you must learn to explode your business. You will learn exactly what you need to be doing on Facebook to increase your business exposure.

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