Is Sharing Other People’s Content an Effective Social Media Marketing Tool?

Sharing other people’s content on social media is an effective social media marketing tool. However, taking the time to be really clear on what you wish to achieve, who you wish to align yourself with and how much time you are going to put into sharing other people’s content is imperative.

How to Become a Marketing Master on LinkedIn

If you aren’t doing it already, you should think seriously about focusing your marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Social media marketing is an extremely important aspect of your marketing strategy. Of course, there are many differences between the various marketing approaches, including the financial aspect. However, when it comes to marketing with LinkedIn, you will need to spend time and effort but there will be relatively less cost than with traditional marketing.

5 Huge Reasons To Power Up Your Facebook Ads

If you’re looking for a quick and highly effective ways to reach a massive audience, then you need to seriously look at Facebook ads. Why? Well if you read on, we’ll look at five of the biggest reasons why over 2 million businesses and marketer currently use the platform, and why you should consider it for your business too.

Social Media: Can Social Media Cause Depression?

In today’s world, it is easy for someone to end up being obsessed when it comes to their appearance. The need to look good is nothing new, but what is new is the pressure that someone can experience through using social media.

Could Social Media Have Helped Mahatma Gandhi’s Freedom Struggle?

Would Gandhi’s impact have been greater and quicker had he access to the internet or social media? This article aims to compare how the Indian freedom struggle may have turned out, if there was an online element to it.

The Non-Profit’s Guide to Expanding a Donor Network With Social Media

One of the challenges non-profits have is reaching possible donors. With so many causes available these days, many people have become numb to requests for donations. While this is sad, it’s a reality that non-profits struggle with online and offline. Fortunately, there are some ways to spark interest in donors again.

Don’t Outsource Your Social Media

Social media is a must have. As a business owner you can’t ignore it any longer. The easiest thing in the world is to outsource it, but this article will show you why that’s not a great idea.

Save the World? Can I Just Like You on Facebook?

With the importance of social media skyrocketing for nonprofit communications, it is becoming more and more complicated to track your success. How will your nonprofit organization define your success? Is it a concrete measurement? And if so, how will you get there. Sometimes, just a few more Likes on Facebook could actually be the ticket to achieving those yearly goals.

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