How to Make Money and Grow FAST if you have ZERO Followers in 2022 (Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok!)

Facebook Marketing – A Widely Accepted Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet marketing took a new turn with the entry of social networking site Facebook which now has over a billion active users. Various types of businesses are making use of Facebook to effectively market their goods and services by engaging with their audience.

Social Media Strategy – It’s Really Marketing 101 Strategy in the Digital Age

Social media is now a must for all businesses. This article explores the debate of just how new is the concept of social media. After all is not just traditional marketing 101 strategy in a digital high tech’ age? It then goes on to emphasise that the social media strategy forms part of the larger multi-media advertising strategy.

Finding Geniuses In Online Forums Considered

Over the years, I’ve considered how to find the geniuses in our society, and I see this as the opposite of surveillance and use of big data to find potential terrorists. When we look for the bad, that’s what we will find, but why not also look for the good – why you ask? Because, I am beginning to see it everywhere and I see many of the folks who are geniuses are not coupled with the personality of extroversion to PR themselves, thus, their brilliance and genius is drowned out by meaningless tweets and celebrity nonsense – amongst the sea of political sound and fury.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Social Media Marketing

If social media marketing is something you use for selling products, there are a couple of common mistakes that you need to be aware of and avoid. In this article, we will point out these common mistakes to you, so you can avoid them altogether.

Some Simple Ideas to Capitalize on the Facebook Social Media Machine

Can you tap into this?? In July, 2013, Facebook reportedly had over 1.1 BILLION people using the site each month, with over 650 million hitting it EVERY DAY!! Apart from for Google, Facebook is the web site with the biggest source of traffic on the web today. Whether you’re talking about a billion or a paltry 650+ million visitors, Facebook has a huge following..

What Is Pinterest For Business?

Pinterest is an interactive socializing website that allows you to keep track of things online by “pinning” images on your board, just like you pin things on a notice board. With almost 50 million users, it is the fastest growing social media website today. It saves all of your “pins” on your page, allows you to share your pins with friends, re-pin your friends’ pins, and see strangers’ public pins that are of interest to you. You can describe In this article I will talk about how you can use Pinterest for your business.

How to Use Pinterest in Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Social media networks have over the recent years firmly established themselves as some of the integral platforms for effective inbound marketing. It is no wonder that now more than ever, many business organizations have begun to realize the multitude of benefits that are to be had in integrating social media networks in their online marketing strategies. According to Hubspot, around 41% of these business entities have apparently declared that utilizing inbound marketing strategies has led them to realize a substantial return of investment (ROI).

Using SlideShare to Grow Your Business

SlideShare is on the lips of many people nowadays. It is an online community where people can share their slide content with many communities online. Other people can also leave comments and share and “like” other people’s posted content on SlideShare as well.

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