How to Make Your First $1000 on Social Media (4 DIFFERENT WAYS)

Social Media Marketing – How to Update Your Status On Facebook to Include Photos

For engagement purposes on Facebook pictures are your best bet! Read more on just how to do it…

Ideas to Sell More on Social Media

So you want to make sales online through social media and you are clueless. Here’s a step by step guild that I saw work for me. I’m a published author and musician so the things I sell may be very different from yours but if you apply these simple concepts, you’ll be making progress in no time at all.

10 Ways To Empower Your Online Business Using Social Media

Learn About Your Target Audience – If you want to know more about people who may be potential customers for your business, social media is a great way to learn that type of information. Because people share so much information through social platforms on a daily basis, all you need is a tool that can help you monitor and analyze the information that’s most relevant to your business. Target the Right Audience Not only is social media an excellent tool for gaining insight into your audience, but it can also enable you…

The PEARL of Personal Branding!

You might have heard ” peacock danced fantabulous in jungle”, but you might be believing “until I see something happening in front of me, can not believe it”. Got an idea what am I talking about? Yes! You are right, if you have got something in you, and no one sees it, in today’s world it’s not worth having.

The Power of Social Media in Education

The internet has become an intricate part of life where persons depend on its access for daily activities for instance, shopping, education, banking and other related activities. Social networking, the major attraction of the internet, can be seen as a blessing and curse.

Fake Social Media Followers and Accounts – How to Spot Them

Fake social media followers and profiles are more and more common these days. These are some tips on how to spot fakes and make sure you don’t invest in sales hype.

The 3 Essential Social Media Marketing Tools You Need To Succeed

Succeeding at social media marketing requires a firm understanding of why consumers engage with social networks, as well as the types of data that they like to share. Your prospects don’t typically visit social networks with the intention of spending money… do you?

Pinterest – Just for Jewelry and Kittens?

Pinterest is a social media platform that gets picked on now and again, usually for being centered on interests that appeal to imagined beings who sit in their houses without a lot to do, surrounded by way too many cats. Though Pinterest is continually shrugging off this reputation as being the social media space for others, it is a happening space of creativity that provides undeniable marketing opportunities for business of all sizes.

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