How To Send A DM On Instagram (Direct Message Tutorial)

The Secret to Magnetizing New Talent Via Social Media

For many businesses, attracting talented individuals can be a struggle. The traditional routes of identifying and recruiting are proverbial jungles; your job posting gets lost while the best candidates are quickly gobbled up by the dominant beasts in your industry.

How to Create Interest Lists on Facebook

Lists are very useful tools in social networking. On Twitter and Facebook, they help categorize people who share the same interests making it easy for users to be updated of topics that matter to them.

New Instagram Apps Worth Using

Instagram never fails to amaze its 300 million monthly active users. The team behind this popular photo-sharing platform continues to find ways to make sharing pictures and videos very enjoyable to users of all ages.

Adding Tumblr to Your Marketing Toolbox

Looking to engage a audience for your business. Consider adding Tumblr to your marketing toolbox.

Social Media: Can Social Media Cause People To Have An Entitlement Mentality?

When someone wants to achieve something, there is the chance that they will have a number of people who inspire them. These could be people who they know personally or it may relate to people they know from a distance.

Using Social Media to Boost Your List of Followers

The popularity of social Media has grown enormously as a means of marketing and growing your list of followers. Your aim is to foster relationships that are long and lasting. You are looking for loyal customers. Give your viewers what they want and communicate regularly to keep them interested and foster a brand bond. You need to cultivate loyalty within your followers so that they introduce their friends, family and work colleagues.

Recent Changes to Twitter and Facebook

Social media is always evolving to make it easier for its users. Recently, Twitter and Facebook have released some changes that people are please with, including business owners using the sites for promotion.

The Best Format for Google+ Posts

Google+ has gone through many changes recently. Most people would agree that so far it’s been positive. People seem to be migrating over to Google+ more now and starting to be interested in their followers and feeds. Part of the reason for the new attraction to Google+ is the change in posts. The format has changed, and that has many people wondering what works best. Many social media experts are using the following format to increase engagement.

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