How We Started Our Business (The Instagram Expert Sue B. + CEO Get Real)

The Entrepreneur’s Beginner’s Guide to Hashtags

Formerly known as the ‘pound sign’ by generations past, the cross hatched symbol synonymous with social media messaging is now fondly referred to as the beloved hashtag. Unless you’ve completely unplugged from the digital world for the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly run into these somewhere in your communications. While they may be a familiar sight, the concept and purpose often requires some clarity

Is Social Media Making Us Narcissistic?

If baby boomers were the “Me Generation,” then it’s not too far-fetched to call Millenials the “Me, Me, Me Generation.” By every standard, we are all becoming more interested in extrinsic values. An increasing number of studies is showing narcissistic personality traits are on the rise.

How To Connect With Big Names On LinkedIn To Boost Your Business

You can’t join LinkedIn on behalf of your business and instantly start trying to connect with the big names and famous people. Here are some of the things that you should bear in mind when trying to link with big names on LinkedIn.

7 Ways to Use Videos for More Engagement on Instagram

Videos are in nowadays, whether you talk about Facebook or Instagram. Read on to know how you can leverage the power of videos for more engagement on Instagram.

Amazing Instagram Promotion Tactics You Can Use To Get Real Results

In recent years, Instagram has come a long way from being merely a photo-sharing social channel to develop into an influential weapon of brand marketing and advertising. Instagram has leveled the playing field in today’s neck-throat competitive world, and in diverse industry sectors.

Important Social Marketing Lessons From the JCB Digging Phenomenon in India

Enlightened social marketing experts would like you to believe that the number of likes your account, post, or update receives is unimportant, and what really matters is quality. No doubt, quality matters and anybody not posting quality content online is going to struggle to gain traction.

7 Innovative Facets To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Marketers should depend on more than simply hashtags and emojis to generate the majority of channels such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Have a Glance over 7 innovative facets in which you can spectacularly boost your social media performance by following the social media strategies of creamy social media marketers.

Selling on Social Media Without Driving People Away

Social media is one of the best marketing tools out there: you can grow and reach a large audience with content and ads, and people who like and/or follow you are your fans, so they’re already your target group. However, people can be resistant to selling on these platforms. They see sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as places to share content and interact with friends, families-and nowadays, brands. You really have to approach this the right way or you could alienate your audience, causing them to unfollow or unlike you because they expect a two-way conversation and engaging content, not to be marketed to.

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