Huge Instagram Analytics Update To Blow Up Your Account

Benefits of Marketing Through Social Media

Social Media Marketing has influenced businesses in many ways. The benefits are plenty and the results are great! Learn why it is so important for businesses.

Standing With France And Facebook And Data

My analysis on Facebook overlays as it relates to data, data collection, and its uses. A lot of anecdotes, really written to make the user self reflect.

10 Things You Really Need To Know – Twitter Edition

Using Social Media, either for personal or business reasons, can be an intimidating experience. There are some simple things to keep in mind though which makes getting your proverbial feet wet seem far less scary.

A Content Sharing Strategy

In this article I am going to write about sharing your content on social media and the problems that you can face when doing so. After reading this article you will understand how you can share more content without actually having to write more content. In today’s world of social media things move very quickly, so quickly in fact that I have a question for you.

Embrace Social Media for Optimum Return On Marketing (ROM)

How vital is Social Media and how it has changed the approach as well as scope of the marketing in the digital age. This article focuses on the rising demand of integrated marketing activities to achieve optimum Return On Marketing (ROM).

Social Media: Can Social Media Cause Someone To Be Addicted To Attention?

If someone wanted attention in the past, they would have had to be around people. Nowadays, this is no longer necessary; the only thing they need to do is to use social media.

Building Solid Interactions on Social Media Channels

As you are becoming more and more involved with the various social media channels for business, it becomes even more important than ever to interact as much as possible. There are a variety of different reasons why you need to interact using social media and the results that you can achieve will take you and your business very far.

How to Turn Popular Social Media Channels Into Your Powerful Marketing Tools

If own or run a business online, we assume you’re familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). What most marketers and business owners unfortunately overlook is power of social media networks.

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