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Best Contests to Increase Engagement on Facebook During the Holidays

The holiday season is an excellent time to make connections and increase engagement with your fans on social media. It is an opportunity to really show off the personality behind your brand and reach new potential customers. It is the time of year to offer great discounts and simply spread cheer to your fans.

Facebook Changes Aim for Improved User Experience – Marketers Decry New ‘Pay to Play’ System

It appears the free ride is coming to an end for Facebook Business Pages and, to put it mildly, marketers and business owners are not happy about it. Facebook says recent algorithm changes are intended to create a better user overall experience, but most aren’t buying that argument. Are recent changes to Facebook algorithms simply a money grab as many marketers would have you believe or is the social network actually prioritizing the user experience?

What Are the Qualities of Top Quality Social Media Representation?

If you can manage to keep your social media efforts in house, by all means do so. However, there are some definite benefits to hiring an actual social media company, as long as you know what to look for when choosing one.

Five Things Your Company Should Share Via Social Media

It is one thing to setup social media profiles for your business. It is another thing entirely to implement a successful strategy that you can rely on, day in and day out. This leads to one very important question: what type of information should you be sharing via social media?

Ideas To Help You Maximize Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

In this article you’ll get some ideas and tips to help make sure that your social media marketing campaigns are a success. These types of sites are used by millions of people every day. That is why it is important that you carefully read this article and start to implement some of the ideas that I offer right away.

3 Steps for Effective Instagram Marketing

Instagram is increasing in popularity among brands as a powerful social marketing tool. People today enjoy being visually stimulated, which makes a social network that is solely based on image sharing so effective.

How to Get Bloggers Talking About Your Brand

These days, word-of-mouth carries a lot more weight with consumers than traditional advertising. According to a Nielsen survey, only 53% of people trust content that a business posts on its blog and website while 92% trust recommendations that come from their peers.

Social Media Tips For Business Owners

Social media marketing can prove to be really beneficial for the internet marketers and business owners. If you want to become successful in your industry then you will have to make the most out of social media marketing campaigns. Several social media strategies can help you in getting maximum amount of business for your enterprise.

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