Instagram Algorithm for Beginners

Basic Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Your strategy for social media makes reaching prospective customers much more easier. Having a strategy for social media marketing is significantly important for making your online campaign successful. Though one can make free use of social media, its monitoring and implementation is time-consuming.

Tips for Effective Social Media Optimization

Today, the importance and popularity of social media is something nobody is unaware of. With every passing day, the number of people using social media increases manifold and that is why it is important that if you are involved in the online marketing or search engine marketing of your business, you should focus on social media also.

5 Reasons You Should Be On Pinterest

When Google+ launched it seemed like it would be the next big thing on the social-networking scene. Internet marketers, webmasters, and bloggers everywhere believed that it would topple Facebook, sending it the way of MySpace. But Google’s foray into social networking didn’t make so much of a bang as a fizzle.

Diversity in Social Media

A quick glance across social media sites of business professionals seems to point out one obvious trend: most users are male Caucasians in their mid-thirties. But is that really an accurate reflection of the white-collar work force? In a recent study done on social media, researchers discovered that as many as 35 percent of users are non-white.

Top Tips for Visual Marketing With Pinterest

Since ‘content marketing’ is now an established and growing trend, consumers are overwhelmed with information. What can your business do to be visible in the crowd? The answer is that every business now needs to pay close attention to visual marketing.

Pinterest Becomes More Business Friendly With Recent Changes

After the recent changes made in the popular social network in the past few months, attracting valuable customers through Pinterest might now be easier than ever. It’s no wonder that the popular social media is the 4th largest traffic driver online, and things look set to get even better for small business which use visual marketing. Very Pinteresting – Engaging their user base even further, Pinterest added “Personalized Pages” for each of its pinners in August.

Social Media Best Practice Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know that there is a lot of value in having a good social media strategy. However, having the time to make it an important part of your marketing plan can seem impossible. The key to making social networks play an important role in your business, without overtaking it completely, is to have a solid plan in place.

Social Media’s Impact on Brand Reputation and How to Gain Control

Due to the increased usage of social media as a forum for product and service reviews, customers now have the ability to easily impact a brand’s reputation. Businesses must be alert to this power and to learn how to stay in control of their brand’s reputation.

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