Instagram Changes Story Algorithm (unexpected update)

Promote Facebook Page

Today we are going to talk about some of the points which help to make steady progress to promote your Facebook page. To advertise something on social media is the best way of advertising anything. It may take some time, but it really works.

3 Twitter Tactics For Any Social Media Campaign

Managing a single Twitter account is fairly simple. Social media managers, however, are often in charge of dozens of Twitter accounts. The user profile, or personality, of each account may be similar or radically different depending on the client, clients, or the type of work being performed. Here are three tactics that any serious Twitter user can use, regardless of the number of accounts you manage or your business.

Are You Making These Three Facebook Marketing Mistakes?

Facebook is a little different than many of the other communication channels you use. And that means a whole lot of marketers make the following three mistakes once they start engaging their marketing on social media. Are you making these mistakes too?

The Secret To Copywriting For Social Media

One form of copywriting that is quickly growing and becoming extremely important to businesses of all sizes is social media copywriting. This guide will help you to understand why it is different from any other form of copywriting you have utilized in the past.

Twitter for Business Marketing

The social media platform known as Twitter launched in July 2006. Amazingly, as of May 2015, Twitter’s active users total more than 500 million. With this large of a following, there is no wonder marketers want to know how to use Twitter for business marketing!

Facebook for Businesses: The Importance of a Fan Page

How my Network Marketing compares to my Corporate America job. Not much changed in my approach if I wanted to be successful. I invested in my education and the right tools to accomplish the task that needed to be done.

Tips On How To Optimize Your Social Media Sites

Millions of people are on social media sites; therefore, it’s suicidal to ignore these sites for your SEO campaign. Studies from expert SEOs have shown that the algorithms for social media sites aren’t as developed as those of Google; therefore, you can easily rank high if you do the right things. To guide you, here are tips on how to optimize your social media sites:

The Weight of Emotional Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

Emotional intelligence is not new. It has been a concept (and a reality) for a very long time. However, the only difference now is that it has a new name. That happens quite often with concepts as well as other, more tangible things. Maybe people just get tired of using the same names so switching it up makes it seem as though that particular thing is new again.

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