Instagram Content Strategy Guide – Do This To Grow FAST (2021)

Burned By Poor Facebook Ads Experience? Don’t Look Back (Here’s How To Do It Better)

Have you suffered from a bad experience with advertising on Facebook? Nearly every small business has been subjected to the empty or misguided promises that online marketing is the big solution to their needs. The endless barrage of telemarketers trying to sell you Search Engine Ads, Google Rankings, and more can be downright annoying.

Three Top Tips For Posting Videos On Facebook

When people log onto Facebook, they are often looking to upload their own images and videos. That is a whole lot of people who are sharing videos, and hoping that others will view, like, and share them. According to Facebook’s data, more than 60 percent of activity comes from users who are watching videos. If you want to use your own videos to generate views, and drive traffic to your website, the following tips will give you an advantage.

How Social Media Can Be Used Effectively in a Business

The prime concern of any business house or a new venture is to promote or propagate their business amongst the masses so that more and more people are aware of it. It becomes all the more important to do the promotion in a manner which is unique and different, so that people get attracted to it and do not miss out on making the purchase. Initially, all the promotions were done with the help of advertisements which were played regularly on the radio and television. Now with the advent of social media like email, Twitter, blog,whatsapp and Instagram, it has become very quick and convenient to promote any new business, on either electronic, paper and social media. There are various ways in which social media is used effectively.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: The Pros and the Cons

When it comes to the various social networks, the pros and cons of these marketing strategies need to be weighed out to determine whether or not they are worth your time and effort. This is true of your LinkedIn marketing strategies as well. In truth, it depends on how much you really know about LinkedIn, whether you really know how to use LinkedIn, and whether or not you take advantage of all it can offer your business.

Information Overload and Social Media Marketing

Information overload creeps up on the unwary especially business newbies. I have recently allowed it to happen to me. Here is how I stopped it in its tracks. I received several books this Christmas all of them I’m sure will be a great help in time. Some have screen shots of the pages to guide you through the exercises. Another has general tips to bring free traffic to your website. This one I have read and set in place some of the ideas.

Why and How Business Should Be Using Social Media

Social media is impacting the way organisations do business massively. If we just look at some of the changes, they include the movement of: Television to YouTube – Hard copy books to Kindle – CDs to ITunes – Websites to Mobile Technology – Online marketing has increased massively and the starting point for many organisations and individuals right now is to go to the internet to find information that will help them make a decision, validate the credibility of a company or person or…

Social Media Tips For Business

If you are an owner of a business enterprise and you desire to become successful in your business, then you mustn’t deny social media. Instead, you should hold in mind that it is the staircase of your success. Now, if you believe that it is the key to success, and then you must know some tricks.

Twitter Marketing, Pro’s and Con’s

As Twitter continues to increase in popularity, it’s the ideal choice to use as an online marketing tool for virtually anyone who needs and wants to promote their brand or business, but Twitter marketing strategies do come with a few drawbacks as well. Many times, marketing experts fail to see these inadequacies and therefore only focus on the benefits of advertising in Twitter. Here are some pros and cons to determine if using Twitter for business is right for you and your brand.

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