Instagram’s ALGORITHM Just Got Fixed (not clickbait)

How to Best Respond to a LinkedIn Business Inquiry

There are many reasons to use LinkedIn, including the fact that this is a great way to drum up new business. Even though this may not be your primary objective, over time you will find that people are connecting with you in hopes of forming some type of business relationship. In the event that somebody reaches out to discuss a business opportunity.

Twitter and Hashtags

If you can develop a large number of followers on Twitter, then sending out regular messages, called “tweets,” can be effective in marketing a product or service. This is especially true if you have taken care to develop followers that are or tend to be the correct public that could actually buy your product or service. We do not recommend buying a large block of followers for instance.

Social Media Monitoring – Don’t Lag Behind Your Competitors

Social media monitoring has become a fundamental part of the marketing strategy. Studies suggest that by the start of the year 2014 nearly 60% of the marketers worldwide implemented the practice of social media listening as part of their marketing strategy. Studies further indicate that about 24% of the brands have plans to use it by the end of the year.

Twitter Tip: Avoid These Twitter Tips

Conventional wisdom is nothing more than the result of herd mentality, driven by fear. This is the thought that popped into my head this morning. Now obviously, conventional wisdom isn’t always bad. Common sense is a wonderful thing. But when conventional wisdom flies in the face of how things are now, or how things *really* are, it ceases to be wisdom and becomes garbage. Don’t be afraid to trash it and follow a marketing strategy more in line with your head… and your heart.

The Impact of Social Proof in Your Business

The world that we live in today is way too different from the world that we used to live in a few decades ago. Most of the successful marketing campaigns that business owners are doing now are being deployed online instead of using regular media like TV and radio. There are more and more people who are using the internet to watch TV and listen to radio anyways, so this means that we have a culture of massive internet connectivity and very practical features that turn computers into a central hub for all sorts of activities.

The Power of Social Proof

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times you have actually liked a product or service that had very few other people who also supported it? How many times have you favored something that seems to have very little following? The answer to that question is probably that you have done this only a few times and the reason for this is that just like most other individuals you like to go for the products and services that have social proof.

How Social Media Can Make Your Business Grow Rapidly

There is an undeniable connection between the success that many companies have been able to have in the last six years and the popularity of the social media platforms. It’ s almost been a decade since the web 2.0 came out, but the truth is that the popularity of these networks hit a truly remarkable number about six years ago and ever since then it has helped many business owners get a large number of clients for their products and services. Social media has become so essential for success in the modern world that it no longer seems to be a luxury for business owners to adopt.

Signs That You Are a Social Media Dirt Bag

We live in a world that has all kinds of people. There are those who brag about their accomplishments in life but they at least have the proof to back it up, but there are those who also brag all the time and have nothing but smoke screens to show for it. This is something that happens offline and online. Today we are going to talk to you about the things you want to avoid in order not to become a social media tool bag.

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