Launching an Online Business in 2022? 👋 The Only 5 Steps You Need.

Social Media Marketing: The Tipping Point Perspective

In a time when social media plays a dominant role in shaping a company’s brand image and influencing customer perception, every company is trying to work out a magic mantra that would assure them of success. The age old marketing strategies need to be reviewed, revamped and improved upon. Of course, the basics still remain the same but a few of them require fundamental rethinking.

Tips for Using Twitter to Sell Products

Twitter has become one of the social media meccas for personal and business purposes. It’s rapid pace and potential for sizable customer growth makes Twitter a promising fit for your expanding needs.

Social Media Consulting: 3 Tips for Freelancers on How to Successfully Manage Client Accounts

Once content is created, it must be distributed – and companies get this. But guess what? A lot of them don’t have the manpower or time to do it themselves. So, who does this duty fall to? Freelance social media account consultants, that’s who. And it can be very lucrative. The average salary for a Social Media Consultant is $33,000 per year, according to job search site Simply Hired. But, freelancers can earn much more simply because they can set their own rates – and offer other services (like writing content) to entice clients to sign on. Now, if you do decide to offer this service, following are three tips to keep in mind.

Expand Your Email List Through Facebook

As a business, it is always a goal to grow your customer base. Finding new leads for potential customers becomes a priority and developing the right strategies to accomplish this goal is a necessity. One way that your business can reach more prospects is by having a healthy email list.

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Business Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Small Businesses have to optimize their efforts in marketing, forming business alliances on and offline, while maximizing their efforts and finances by using the latest technologies and most effective marketing strategies. This is where social media tools and having effective online marketing strategies can boost your bottom line. Examine these proven social media marketing strategies presented here…

LinkedIN’s Move To Open Up Publishing Is Great For Users

LinkedIN’s move to open up its platform to allow users of the system to publish the old content is a welcome move to give users another way to connect in a network. In this article I look at some of the benefits but also some challenges for certain users. And I conclude with my bottom line opinion of this new move.

Facebook For Business – Creating Greater Profits With Facebook

Facebook for business growth is a hot topic right now and probably will still be 5 or 10 years from now, why? Because it works! If you know what you are doing. It is effective and it is efficient and it’s pretty easy to implement. With almost 1 billion users utilizing Facebook for business promotion, it’s really a simple decision – you either do it or you let your competition take all of the traffic, Fans and profits from you.

Can You Sell Through Social Media?

Social media marketing is big business for companies of all sizes, but can you really sell through it? This article says yes and gives 5 tips on how you can make it happen.

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