MISTAKES I Made When I Was a 1:1 Coach (Interview with my EX-CLIENT!)

Social Media Networking Pros and Cons

Social Media is an online forum which is based on the internet tools like email, social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter etc. wherein people exchange/share their ideas, opinions, experiences with each other; and the content is generated by the users for these tools.

Social Media Outsourcing Can Really Help Your Business

It’s a given, these days, that social media is an important and necessary part of business marketing. But for a small enterprise or a solopreneur, finding or making the necessary time to learn and master the various social platforms just doesn’t make sense. Automating these tasks, like syndicating posts and other shortcuts might be possible, but it all comes out seeming a bit hollow and disingenuous.

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your business. Here are a few reasons why: A network with 65 million business professionals around the world. One person creates a LinkedIn login every second.

Facebook Is No Longer Free For Businesses… And Why I’m Fine With That

Gone are the days where you can simply post something on Facebook and get tons of likes, shares, and comments. These days, if you want your business to gain traction among your fans, you need to pay to play. And while some might complain about that, I’m here to tell you that it’s not actually a bad thing.

Answering Important Questions About Your Social Brand

When it comes to working your business and gaining more and more success through social media for your business, it is reasonable that you expect some return on investment (ROI) because of all of the time and effort that you put forth. The ROI may not initially have anything to do with money; however, that is your ultimate goal, just like everyone else’s.

Influence of Social Media to Achieve High Percentage of Polling

The general elections of 2014 have seen a high percentage of polled votes, by the end of the 8th phase of General Elections. Also, the same situation is envisaged in the 9th (last) phase as well. India is all set ready for a new record of highest percentage of polling, this time. So far 64% remains the highest percentage of polls recorded during the General Elections held in 1984-85, right away after the assassination of late Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. Nevertheless, the average percentage of votes poled by the completion of 8th phase of General Elections -2014 is approximately 67%. This articles discusses the need for the participation of the youth in the electoral process!

Don’t Be THAT Guy On Instagram

Why being over the top on Instagram can damage your reputation and your personal brand. This article goes over the overall message not only on Instagram, but on any other platform. This can be applied to in person encounters as well. Hope you enjoy!

Utilizing Facebook to Help Promote Your Business

With Social Media becoming the wave of the future, you don’t want to get left behind with this incredible marketing opportunity. But it is important to understanding the different types of Social Media marketing and how it can benefit your company. This article will focus on Facebook promoting and how to utilize it to grow your followers and build your business.

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