My Instagram Strategy for 2022 (THIS is what’s working!)

Roadmap for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media needs to be treated like any other form of marketing: you need a plan or roadmap to follow. Otherwise you run the risk of having a bunch of different approaches to the various social media sites that then clash with each other and don’t give off the right impression about your company.

Social Media Tips for Retailers

Social media could have been tailor made for retailers. Sure, you may know your regular customers and say “hello” to them when they make their purchase. But before the advent of social media, that was probably the only affordable way to keep in touch with them.

Social Media Tips for Small Business

When the internet started to get commercial, a lot of people said that it had levelled the playing field between large and small companies. For a while, that was the case but gradually the main search engines such as Google have become more commercialised and the playing field is anything but level. Fortunately, social media has stepped into the gap and the nimbleness of small companies often gives them an advantage over their larger counterparts.

Social Media for Service Companies: How to Get the Best Results

Social media could have been tailor made for service companies. The services they provide can often be aided by judicious use of social media and with the right – timely – responses you can often turn people round from being unsure about your company to being happy to use or recommend it.

5 Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It’s easy to make mistakes with social media. The casualness of the sites almost encourages you to let down your guard. But, as with near enough everything else on the internet, once you’ve posted something on a social media site it’s out there and is difficult to recall or deny.

Why You Can’t Expect Instant Results With Social Media Marketing

What many marketers and company executives fail to understand is that, unless you start with paid advertising on social networks, social media marketing takes time to deliver results. That’s because social networks are not about marketing. They were not created for that purpose. The purpose of social networks is connection.

7 Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Social Media

Have you put any thought into taking your social media strategy to the next level in order to help you business, promote your products, and increase revenue? While you may be a bit behind the competition, it is never too late to get started. If you don’t believe in the benefits of social media for your small business, the following seven reasons to get started may change your mind sooner rather than later and give you an idea on how these digital platforms can help you and your business.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Marketer for Your Brand

For many businesses, finding the time to focus on social media marketing can be difficult. This is where having the help of a professional social media marketer can be beneficial.

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