The Biggest Instagram Algorithm Myths EXPOSED

How to Manage Negative Comments From Social Media

It is only natural that we want only positive feedback and comments from our customers about our business. Unfortunately, we should also know that this is not realistic.

Is Social Media Right For You?

In the age where people read from their Kindles instead of books on a plane, use the internet to order pizza rather than talk on the phone, and find dates online rather than through mutual friends the questions “what’s social media? Do I need to use that? If so, how?

Some Google+ Tips For Aspiring Photographers

The Google+ is not exactly a day to day habit for most of us who use Facebook and Twitter. But due to its inherent linkage with all other Google products, it is still a very potent medium. Photographers can benefit from it as it is a very visual medium and appropriate to promote their portfolio websites.

Using Social Media Marketing for Your Online Business

PULL AND PUSH MARKETING “Push marketing” are traditional advertisement such as TV commercial, bill board ads which “pushes” the information they wanted their audiences to know and in turn, they will seek out for the products provided. Using Online resources is an excellent way for “Pull Marketing” as there are more and more online commuters seeking more online information about the products and services they need. Online marketing offers more “pull market” as more people online are “pulling” more businesses from the sources they wanted…

What Does Bigfoot and Social Media Have in Common?

Let’s just say you haven’t been paying attention to the Internet, using a Smart Phone, or watching Television for the past several years. Let’s also just say you haven’t been reading Magazines, News Papers, Product labels or anything for that matter. We might as well just imagine for instance that you are in fact Bigfoot. Yes, Bigfoot. But it’s okay if you are actually a Sasquatch, because then you wouldn’t have seen how things have changed in the way of marketing and advertising over the past few years.

New Rules for Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are a great way to generate excitement and get more attention for your brand. The rules that have been in place put a few restrictions on what a business could and could not do when holding a contest. Those rules were not often followed and were somewhat hard to understand.

How to Be Successful in Social Media Marketing

The best way to make a name for yourself is through social media marketing. This is one of the most powerful ways to attract huge traffic to your website and make an income.

5 Key Tips To Quickly and Effectively Establishing A Massive On-Line Presence Through Social Media

This article is focused on helping the reader identify the key challenges in creating a strong on-line presence through the use of social media. The focus is very much on helping the reader start building a strong business and personal brand. While the information will be particularly helpful to those relatively new to using social media in this way, it should also provide some helpful ideas and pointers for the more experienced user of social media who may have been inconsistent in managing their social media campaigns to date.

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