The MOST PROFITABLE Instagram Niches In 2021

7 Social Media Marketing Do’s

Social media marketing is a powerful form of marketing that uses social media to put your word-of-mouth marketing on steroids. With the right social media strategy, a cohesive marketing plan and the right know how you can experience great success with social media.

Social Media Marketing: Is It Worth It to Your Small Business?

When utilizing social media, what you do is important, but how you do it is what separates businesses that do well in the social media space from those that don’t. As a small business owner, the thing that you need to remember is that most people are using social media to hang out, and to connect with family, friends, and colleagues to share their experiences, etc. They’re not really looking for your business.

Facebook Marketing + Local and Non-Local Business Promotions

As a social media management company, we often get asked, “How can Facebook help my business?” Small Business Owners are still not sure how to adapt Facebook as a viable part of their marketing mix.

How to Start Targeting Men on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms out there today. It prompts higher sales than even Facebook. Since its launch, it has been obvious that the network has a strong appeal to women, with a limited number of male users. Today, there is a growing number of men using the site and they are primed for product marketing. So, how can you make sure that you are targeting the male user on Pinterest?

How to Make the Most of Pinterest’s Buyable Pins Feature

Pinterest has added an incredible feature that most businesses need: Buyable Pins. This allows businesses to sell instantly on one of the most popular social networks today. Many Pinterest users already use the social network as a shopping list or a wish list for future purchases. Now, your potential customers can simply click on a pin and buy the item they want.

How To Integrate A Social Media Marketing Plan With Your Article Marketing Strategy

Learn how important it is to integrate your social media marketing strategies with your article marketing strategies to boost your exposure and gain trust with your readers. Using this will bring more brand awareness, more reader’s and keep them coming back for more.

3 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook and Twitter Shares

Google “how to get more social media shares,” and you’ll see countless articles with an endless list of tips. I want to focus on three – visuals, hashtags, and message length. I’ll explain what they are and how using them can get you more social media shares. They’re very simple and you can use them immediately.

How to Create a Twitter Campaign

Twitter needs no introduction – we all know that together with Facebook it’s the social network that attracts most brands and marketers. Twitter can help your brand in many ways, but it’s an especially effective social media tool for building a large group of followers and driving quality traffic to your website or blog, when used properly, that is. Like all social media, Twitter requires that you invest time and effort into connecting with others.

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