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How to Give a Name to Your Business

There are many reasons why you need to be careful about the kind of name that you choose for your business. The truth is that your business name can help boost your popularity but it can also contribute to your downfall. It’s not simply about coming up with some sort of catchy name, but there should also something within that name that makes it very easy for people to relate it to your products or services. You need to give this a good amount of consideration or you could hire a company that specializes in providing business names, but this can be very expensive. A lot of companies can charge thousands of dollars just to do this for you and the truth is that with a little guidance and creativity you can do it yourself with a group of people who will also be part of the business workforce.

Optimize Your Conversion Forms to Get Quality Leads

Having a quality conversion form is definitely one of the most important things that you need to consider if you want to have a properly optimized website. You need to be aware of the best position for the conversion form on your landing page and there needs to be some sort of call to action included. This is what we are going to focus on for this particular article and we are going to make sure that things are running smoothly with your online business.

The Components Of A Twitter Landing Page

If you want to get results with Twitter, your page needs to establish the identity of your business with the followers. If you want to get some results from social media, you need to incorporate Twitter into your marketing efforts and also build a nice landing page that will attract new customers all the time. The good thing about having landing page is that it allows you to speak directly to those that visit your page and this is an important moment that will determine if the person will visit again and it they will follow your page.

Critical Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

There are times when we think we have everything figured out with our social media efforts and at some point we make a huge mistake that really sets our efforts back. The problem is that in many cases people are making these mistakes and they don’t see any apparent warnings that they are losing interest from people but eventually they realize how bad some of those mistakes can really be. We are going to tell you what the most critical social media mistakes are and what you can do to avoid them.

Can a Facebook Contest Help You Grow Your Business?

Running a Facebook contest can be a fun and exciting opportunity for your business, but you need to make sure to keep it relevant to your audience, to set it up properly and to adhere to the contest rules laid out by Facebook. Here’s a step-by-step approach to set up your next Facebook contest.

A Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing on Facebook

Content marketing on Facebook can be a richly rewarding experience, both in terms of growth for your business and learning about the type of audience/customer/client you are attracting. To get started you should base your content marketing strategy on the following questions – Who am I writing for?

4 Ways You Can Sell Your Products Using Social Media

If you have been considering the expansion of your small business storefront on social media platforms like Facebook, then you have to be a little more careful. It may seem an easy affair to deal with but in reality, it is extremely challenging. If the recent surveys are to be believed, the small businesses and small stores are doing still better than their larger counterparts when it comes to marketing and advertising on the social media, particularly Facebook. However, it can’t be denied that the business owners do have to face a good number of challenges when looking to establish storefronts on Facebook.

4 Signs You Are Doing Customer Service Right on Social Media

Social media has created a great platform for businesses and consumers to connect and engage in real time. It allows both sides to address concerns, wants and needs quickly and in a public forum. This has led to many brands utilizing sites like Facebook and Twitter as a way to provide another channel for customer service to their followers.

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