This health coach had a $15,000 launch after NICHING DOWN. Here’s how.

Facebook and Till Death Do Us Part

Facebook has found a way to bring us back from the dead. At least long enough to buy their products and update our profile pictures and posts.

Using Social Media to Make Your Event Sing

You are planning an event and you will either deliver an event that delivers an amazing experience to everyone involved or you deliver an event that is, to say the least, not memorable. Of course, your event is going to deliver, and then some!

Pro’s and Con’s of Pinterest Marketing in 2015

In today’s Internet world, social marketing sites have become more and more popular. These social networking sites allow people to connect through words, pictures, sounds and even videos.

Always Connected: Employee Owned Gadgets, Social Media And Security Risks

Since some time laptops, smart phones, tablets and similar devices have become everybody’s gadgets. The staff is bringing their devices not only to the office but also to use them in business. And honestly, isn’t boss happy today if he can communicate with his employees by mobile technology, and if necessary, even outside working hours? Always connected has become the Lifestyle and inseparable part of our everyday business.

How to Target References From Customers With the Help of Social Media

There are various social media platforms which includes social networks,websites, instant messages, news feed etc. about an product, service, brand or company.Social networking sites act as word of mouth. Social networking sites allow followers to repost comments made by others about a product being promoted.

How Social Media Marketing Looks in 2015

Every year, there are changes happening in social media marketing. It continues to be an important part of marketing for businesses of all sizes, so it is important to stay on top of the shifts as they happen. To get the most for your brand online, make sure you are focusing your attention and effort on the right areas.

Which Social Media Platform Is Right for You?

Everyone knows that in order for a small business to succeed in this day and age they need to be using Social Media, the problem is that there are so many choices and it can be hard to know which one(s) to focus on. Get a quick overview of each of the main social media platforms and focus your attention wisely.

4 Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Learn the basics of social media marketing to stay current. This means of connectivity has real benefits for anyone promoting a business.

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