THIS Is Why Your Reach Is So Low (Instagram Algorithm)

Why Social Media Marketing Cannot Be Ignored

Social media marketing has become an integral part of every business’s marketing strategy. If you want to reach more customers, it’s important to maintain an online presence.

Marketing on 2014 Social Media Platforms – 4 Steps to Personalizing

Rising social media use and the decline of other mass media outlets are the marketing challenges of 2014. Print circulation and television viewership has fallen by 50% since 2002. In contrast, social media has made huge gains and usage has increased by 800% over the past eight years (“The New Face of Marketing,” Yahoo! Business & Finance, Oct 2013). Marketing on social media platforms involves interacting via social channels online with a goal of gaining website traffic or attention for your website. Thus ultimately, marketing with social media programs centers around your efforts to create content that encourages attention.

4 Powerful Social Media Marketing Recruiting Tips That Will Get You Results for Your Business

In this article you will learn tips on how to successful recruit using social media. You can use this for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and others.

3 Responsibilities Of A Facebook Business Page Owner

Most small business owners understand that social media marketing is as important as hanging out a sign on your window. This article addresses what you should do once you have established a social media presence.

Is Social Media A Modern Voice?

Social media-we live it, breathe it and use it every day. Yet among its many purposes, it perhaps has the great purpose of giving us a voice-a tool in which groups can relay their voice to the wider world.

Making Money On YouTube – The Insider’s Guide

YouTube is blowing up!… Well, it already has blown up – everybody everywhere knows about it and it is the only serious contender in the war for the biggest video database in the world. We have all used it to watch “People Are Awesome” compilations and our favorite songs slowed down 800%, but how is anybody making money on YouTube? Is anybody actually making money on YouTube or is it just being sucked back into their corporate coffers? How Ordinary People Are Making Money on YouTube By The Buckets!

6 Ways to Use Facebook to Market Your Business Online in a Healthy Way

Facebook is growing to be one of the largest social networking sites in the world. With a meager bounce rate of just 20%, Facebook is a huge platform where you can make the most out of genuine users who are looking for something interesting.

Rock Twitter in 2014

Twitter sprang onto the web in 2006 and quickly gained popularity. Today people are sharing tweets, links, and photos in record numbers. If you are looking to join Twitter or have recently joined Twitter, read these easy tips so you ROCK Twitter like a pro.

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