This NEW Instagram Algorithm Update Might Be BAD For You

Facebook Training: A Guide To Successful Facebook Marketing

When it comes to Facebook Training, most people’s interest in this subject stems from their desire to utilize Facebook to market a business. What makes Facebook such an appealing medium for marketing a business is not only is it a huge network with over a billion users, but there are also lots of tools and features that can be used specifically for marketing.

Beware: Purchasing Facebook Fans Will Kill Your Fan Page!

When you purchase fans or likes for your Facebook fan page, you can be sure your number of fans goes up, but that’s about it. The thing with buying fans is that this will not help you to build a successful fan page. Even worse: you will probably turn out to be in more trouble than you were before, since you’re killing your Edgerank score.

6 Different Types Of Social Media Sharers

Almost everyone is active on social media today. But do you have any idea which type of social media sharer are you? Read more to find out about the 6 different types of social media sharers.

Adapting and Changing in a Social Media World

We live in a world where every minute of every day can be documented by video and posted on the internet. We can download apps to our phones that will broadcast satellite images of locations around the world as well as pinpoint exactly where we are at that moment. We plan class reunions with long-lost friend using social media sites. Want to catch up with someone from your past? We Google them. Social media consumes us everywhere we look.

6 Social Media Certifications That Will Be High Demand In 2014

Social Media has changed the way that people across the globe communicate on a daily basis. Because social media has had such a significant impact, it’s created numerous new jobs that didn’t exist as recently as five years ago.

How To Make Smart Passive Income From Tumblr Blogs? is one of the most popular social blogging platforms of all time. Anyone who loves spending time online has already heard about this amazing, highly engaging platform. Without any design knowledge or skills, you can prepare a beautiful blog with the templates available; won’t take more than a few minutes to set things up on your end. However, it may take some time to generate traffic on your blog, but those who know how to drive traffic can start making money from his blog in less than a day. Yes, like any professional internet marketer, you can also start making passive income from a blog. However, you will need to learn about the platform first and get to know about the niches that are doing well on this. Once you’ve explored the best niches available, you can pop into the business and start making smart passive income quickly!

Social Media Posting: The Best Time to Post to the Most Popular Social Media Networks

Most people are already aware that when it comes to social media posting, it’s crucial to focus on providing as much value as possible. While it can be tempting to simply blast out messages that are self-promotional in nature, those generally aren’t anywhere close to being effective as sharing information that people find useful or engaging.

Google Authorship: The Fundamentals, Importance, and Set-Up Guide

As an internet marketing person, you would probably be interested to Google’s efforts in continuously developing new algorithms and code to add a personal appeal to the search engine results. One of these is the Google Authorship mark up. As the name suggests, it refers to the author of the article content published online. Through the use of a code, the SERP displays your content with some personal touch, having your name and photo attached to your work.

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