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Are Extended YouTube Comments Relevant?

In late 2013 Google made changes to its YouTube service, and they linked the ability to make comments on videos to one’s Google+ page. Many were angry, perhaps because they didn’t have a Google+ page and didn’t want one, as they may already have Facebook Page, and a Twitter and LinkedIn account. They just didn’t want another account. Google understood this, but the level of commentary on the comments under videos were getting a little mean-spirited, nasty, and often obscene.

Profitable Online Visibility – 3 Myths That Deserve To Be Debunked (So You Can Be Visible Online)

Do you know the 3 myths that get in the way of getting found online? The myths and the truth can be found inside this article.

Hashtags 101: Using Hashtags in Your Social Media

Once just used on Twitter, other social media platforms can now use hashtags. This is quick guide for anyone who may be confused about the function and use of hashtags.

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Do Facebook ads really work? It was one of the first questions the media began asking after the company went public in 2012. And, the question continues to get asked to this day. Though more and more companies are spending big on Facebook advertising, reports on the effectiveness of those ads continue to provide conflicting results.

How Social Media Can Make Your Internet Marketing Plans More Effective

No serious internet marketing plan would ignore social media, especially now, when the whole online world is about sharing, communicating and staying in touch. If you follow the trend and meet your consumers right where they are, you’ll harvest the fruit of your efforts and enjoy additional exposure and profits. The tips below are meant to help you make social media an integrated part of your communication and marketing campaigns.

How Social Media Can Create Advocates For Your Brand

Today, social media has become one of the most powerful channels for Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing. Here are some facts about social media that demonstrate just how powerful it can be.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential For Successful Businesses

It is always best to be aware of any marketing tips that can help your business succeed for years to come and utilizing Social Media Marketing (SMM) is essential in achieving that success. Business or companies that depend on local customers should know that local search is a major component in your online marketing campaign. The Internet has reshaped our world and leveled the playing field for businesses across the globe.

Adapt to Social Media

Adapt to Social Media and market your business using low cost or free tools while making a residual income. Hashtags are the base of Twitter business.

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