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How B2B Companies Can Use Social Media to Best Engage Prospects

Social media and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing seem to feed one another. They’re highly compatible. And most of the examples cited about the power, success and application of social media deal with B2C. The same, however, cannot be said about Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing. This article explores how B2B companies can exploit social media marketing to meet their unique requirements.

How Social Media Certification Can Give You An Edge in the Job Market

Currently, there’s a big disconnect between how many companies are using social media, and how many companies feel that their usage is effective. Specifically, a report by Harvard Business Review found that while 79% are utilizing social media, only 12% feel they’re doing so effectively. Because most companies now understand the importance of social media but still aren’t sure how to properly utilize these channels, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re looking for employees who do.

Amp Up Customer Service With Social Media

When you have worked at your business long enough, you learn that it is a lot harder to gain new customers than to retain them. This is why excellent customer service is so vital. Social media offers entrepreneurs and customers another platform for engaging with one another, making it an ideal place to set up a customer service center.

The Methods Big Brands Use To Keep Audiences Engaged In Social Media

Having a popular social media page is extremely essential, but once you have that you need to find ways to keep your audiences engaged and coming back for more. In this article we are going to talk about the kind of methods that big brands are using on their social media pages in order to maintain the interest level high and the visitors returning.

10 Social Media Posting Ideas That Get More Clicks

While converting social media users into leads or customers requires more than a single click, getting them to engage with the content you share and produce is an important step. Since the right approach to posting can have a huge impact on the results you see from social marketing, let’s cover ten different social media posting ideas that have proven to be very effective..

4 Factors That Determine Ranking Of A YouTube Video

If you are wondering which factors affect the ranking of YouTube videos, here they are: Relevance of the video – Since the content that you are sharing is in a video, the best measurement of the relevancy of a video is the title of the video. This means that if the title of your video is not related to the content that you are giving you will most likely fail to rank high in the search results. The best way of measuring the relevancy of your video is by counting the number of words in…

Why Your Business’s Social Media Policy May Be A Dud!

The importance of utilizing social media to help any business grow cannot be understated. But, there can be serious legal consequences for businesses when their employees or affiliates and marketers use any of the popular social media forums. Learn how to create an effective social media policy that can help insulate your business from these risks!

Ads You Need to Run Right Now on Facebook

You can do a lot of great campaigns with your ad and reach a large number of people depending on the kind of services and products that you are offering. We are going to give you some good ideas on what you can do in order to achieve more success with your efforts every time you decide to invest in running a Facebook ads campaign.

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