Top 5 Ideas To Make $1k With Instagram (ranked by easiness)

Important Tips on Social Media for Business

Social is indeed a very powerful tool that business can take advantage of. But one of the most important issues that businesses these days must look into is on how to maximize the power of social media for their business.

Are You Taking Google+ Seriously?

Since Google+ launched a few years ago the overall general consensus was that Google+ was not something to be taken seriously when compared to the heavy weights of social marketing such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and when done right Instagram. Basically Google+ was treated and is still being treat as a ghost town in the eyes of many big and small businesses. Over time though it has become clearer why businesses no matter how big or small should start taking Google+ seriously. There are now over a billion Google accounts that are enabled for Google+ and out of these accounts more that 360 million are active Google+ users. The +1 button is now clicked on average 5 billion times each day.

Getting the Full Olympic Story With Social Media

There were plenty of big winners at the Sochi Olympics this past winter. The United States alone came home with 28 medals, coming in second in the overall medal count (following Russia’s 33 medals). But the big winner in the Sochi Olympics? Social media.

Social Media Marketing Trends To Build a Strong Business Presence Online

In the last few years, we have seen the strong emergence of online social media networking. Almost all the mainstream media companies have also joined the social bandwagon to reach out to more readers. Millions of people login to their social networking accounts everyday, from their computers, tablet PCs, and smartphones.

Paying for Facebook

Reaching your Facebook fans, once considered free with good content, has blossomed into something that more closely resembles paid traditional advertising.Many businesses are prepared to spend money to build their fan base, yet balk at the idea of paying to get their posts into the news feed of their fans.

Many Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Social Media

If part of your 2014 plan involves generating leads, online sales, building awareness or all of the above, then social media should be part of that strategy. Social media can drive the type of web traffic that’s actively seeking your information. They may even be ready to buy. Here are 50 ways to drive traffic to your site with social media, organized by 10 categories.

SEO – Ideas For Effective Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become an essential tool of search engine optimization or SEO. It is a fact that search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing prefer those websites which are frequently featured in social media sites. This is why, it is important that you have create effective marketing campaigns to make your business popular on social media. Here are 7 ideas that will help you in making your social media marketing campaigns successful.

How to Join a Community in Google+

Communities group together Google+ users who share the same interests. It’s a place where they can ask specific questions, share comments and content on a particular topic of concern to them. It can be set as public or private.

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