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Facebook Training Guide: How to Increase the Organic Reach of Your Posts

In the latter part of 2013, some marketers and business owners began to notice that their Facebook posts didn’t seem to be reaching as many people. Although there wasn’t anything conclusive evidence at first, it’s now been confirmed that Facebook has taken steps to reduce the exposure of posts made by businesses. The main exception to that reduction is the changes Facebook has made in terms of encouraging paid distribution.

The Best Ways to Connect With Your Audience on Social Media

So, how was your trip to the Nevada desert? You may be scratching your head right now and wondering what that is all about. Well, writing and sharing content that you post in one place is like opening a casino in the Nevada desert. Nobody reads it if you don’t establish a connection with your audience.

3 Easy Yet Powerful Strategies To Explode Your Facebook Marketing

Here are 3 easy yet powerful strategies to explode your Facebook marketing: 1. Implement The Science Behind Adding Friends On Facebook

10 Ways To Build an Effective Social Media Strategy

If you’ve decided that you want to get serious about using social media to market your business, it’s important to take the time to develop a social media strategy. Creating and executing a strategy will ensure you’re getting the best return out of the time and resources you invest into social. So if you want to craft a strategy that’s going to help you succeed, here’s what you need to do…

Sure-Fire Techniques for Increasing Social Media Shares

Social media represents a significant savings in advertising costs for savvy marketers. Consumers in love with a brand make for loyal brand ambassadors, and the social proof they create translates into cold, hard cash.

Since Social Media Training Is No Longer Optional, Find Out How Companies Should Do It

It wasn’t that long ago when many businesses were still skeptical about the long-term effectiveness of social media. However, because social media has absolutely exploded over the last four years, that skepticism is gone. Not only are businesses embracing social media, but many are scrambling to put enough resources towards it. An area of focus for businesses of all sizes is social media training. Since businesses are realizing the benefits of having employees who are all socially savvy, they’re looking for ways to provide effective training.

4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Using Social Media Correctly

Hold on to your calculators folks, I am about to throw some pretty intense numbers at you. This is going to be good.

Google+ Authorship and Your Blog

Are you using Google+ Authorship to boost your page ranks and overall traffic? Serious, this tool has a ton of hidden potential as it links your verified post to your Plus profile allowing anyone who sees your content listed in a Google Search result to see other articles you have written in that niche.

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