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What Can Social Media Marketing Do For Your Business?

Social media marketing has the power to make or break your business these days. Learn how your business can benefit from it!

How Much Facebook Reach Is Good?

As you now know, the impact of EdgeRank means that not all of your fans will see your post in your news feed when you publish it. Add the fact that around half of users don’t check Facebook every day and of those that do, they only browse for around 30-60 minutes in total, the chances of your posts being seen and engaged with in competition with all of the others people see, falls considerably.

Facebook News Feed and Story Bumping

In response to customers’ request, Facebook has started blogging about updates which they make to their services. The latest is about the algorithm that determines which stories appear first in the Facebook News Feed; this is called Story Bumping.

Don’t Be So Quick to Blame the Internet

This post is clearly a personal observation and will offer no sound advice or tips regarding social media. If that is the only reason you clicked on the link, I will not be offended in the least if you stop reading this now.

Social Media Optimization: The New SEO?

Social Media Optimization is simply SMO by which this effective process is focused on sharing informative online contents through the different social networking sites. The popularity of these social media has paved the way for SMO to emerge. Thus, it is now considered as the new trend of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Print Journalism’s Survival in the Social Media Age

Social media has created competition between all news sources and, in its quest for survival, print journalism has had to join in the fracas. It needs to rethink its management style and the way it presents itself to the community it serves. If it doesn’t adjust to the changing times, it will only alienate it current readership and lose out on the potential of many more.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook

Set up a vanity URL for your Facebook business page (available when you gain 25 likes), ideally named after your brand, e.g. Facebook.com/yourcompanyname where ‘yourcompany name’ is your username. This will make it much easier for you to tell people how to find your Facebook page. Think about it carefully, as you will only be able to change it once in future, otherwise you will have to delete your page and start over – not good if you’ve built a big fan base!

Social Media Marketing – 3 Benefits of Video on Your Social Media Profiles (Part 2)

We all know video is one of the best ways to be found on line. You know that right? Here are 3 great reasons to get started NOW!

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