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Some Very Important 2014 Trends in Social Media Marketing

If you provide social media services or manage it for your own business, then you need to know the upcoming trends. There’s no way that you can remain ignorant of the same. Staying upbeat, in other words is extremely important now because it is now a maturing medium.

Outsourcing Disadvantages

Sure businesses are able to cut costs and boost their bottom-line, but what are the costs associated with outsourcing to an offshore company? How does it impact after sales services, service requisition and customer management? There are several hidden costs that all stake holders deal with in the aftermath of outsourcing.

Why Is Social Media Easier For Small Businesses?

Social media can benefit a business in various ways. However, a small business has the best chances of utilizing social media’s full power. Are you wondering how this is possible? Read more to find out.

Social Media Marketing – Its Growth and Its Many Shades

The concept of social media marketing is of recent origin. It was something unheard of till a few years back. Before the pre-internet era when business was less globalized and restricted to offline markets, the marketing principles too were strictly conventional.

Trending Topics Feature on Social Media Networks

This post talks about what trending topics are and how they work in multiple social media platforms…

Practical Online Visibility Tips – 3 Ways to Get More Visible Online (Can You Make This Your Year?)

Do you know 3 of the tops ways to get more visible online this year? The strategies and more are inside this article…

Enhancing the Synergies of Social Media Marketing

One of the most effective social marketing strategies is the use of micro-video for marketing purposes. Nearly every expert in the field of social media marketing would readily admit that the use of video in marketing creates a more effective impact that promotes the product or service. Most consumers prefer to follow through video links with effective audio features that highlight on the superiority of a particular product or service as compared to reading lengthy content. The video strategy requires the best quality videos to earn the business the required competitive advantage with regard to social media marketing.

How to Attract Facebook Fans to Your Business Page

We talk quite a bit in the world of business social marketing about the need to “connect” and “engage” and “post good content” – and a lot of other really valuable concepts and buzzwords – and then sometimes it just comes down to a simple question I hear again and again: How do I get more fans to my Facebook page? Now while Facebook fans are not the be all and end all holy grail in social marketing, they are an important part and give you a great foundation – so having many is good, as long as…

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