How to Use Hangouts for Video Conferencing

Online meetings or video conferences can be done easily these days using various tools available on the web. One such tool is the Hangouts of Google+.

Social Media Jargon You Need to Know

Social networking sites are indeed very useful to private individuals and professionals. They let people connect in a lot of ways and allow others to learn about what they do in life.

Must-Use Instagram Tools

Instagram has become a very popular photo sharing platform today with more than 150 million users and 16 million images shared. It has not only attracted individual users but as well as business organizations, business owners and has in fact made marketers rethink their strategies.

20 No-No’s of Social Media

Social media is a great marketing platform for any person or business to use if done well. Here are a number of things to avoid doing for better success.

Putting Social Media On Autopilot – How To Go About It

Social media marketing is the “big thing” when it comes to business promotion. It is your social media presence that creates brand recognition. It helps you scour the market for new customers also making sure you don’t forget the old relationships in the bid to create new ones. That is why entrepreneurs are dedicating more time and money towards social media marketing.

How Simple Social Media Shares Can Earn You Prizes

Social media platforms have become much more than social places where friends meet friends and make new friends. It is so much more than just staying in touch with your friends. You can actually turn your social media account into a profitable one for you without having to start an online business or applying intensive marketing tactics to earn your prizes. This is because more and more companies are making their online presences felt through social media. It makes it possible for you to take advantage of such media to enjoy the benefits.

Social Media Marketing – Is It Worth It?

More and more people are looking for their favorite brands and products on social media. Here are some at some simple ways you can use social media marketing to boost your business.

Five Reasons Facebook ‘Stalking’ Isn’t a Good Idea

NEVER BEFORE have we supposedly known more about our neighbour – whether our neighbour’s literally in our street or on the other side of the planet. Social media has made it possible to publicise even the drabbest details about our lives, but people are apt at promoting a better life than they actually enjoy. (Though there are some who go the opposite way and play the ‘woe is me’ game for their world to see.)

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